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Introducing MIRA

Comprehensive quality control, powered by machine intelligence.

Get higher quality reports, in less time, with less headaches and changes for everyone.

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A laptop with a screenshot of HomeVision QC software demonstrating a dynamic checklist with an MLS photo highlighted by the machine learning technology.
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Deeper technology

Put MIRA to work for you

Meet the only valuation review solution offering complete, machine-assisted analysis of unstructured data.

MIRA stands for Machine Intelligence Review Assistant. It employs a combination of optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML), coupled with a blazing-fast interface to accelerate document review like you’ve never seen before.

Every page

MIRA classifies every page in the appraisal report

Most QC tools only analyze key fields within the XML of an appraisal. MIRA uses optical character recognition to identify every page in the appraisal report, including notes and sketches. Each page is identified for you to reference quickly, with a click of your mouse.

Every word

MIRA identifies and labels all the content of the appraisal

MIRA uses natural language processing to read the text addenda and automatically identify relevant passages, errors, and omissions. This greatly reduces the amount of time your team spends manually searching through the appraisal.

Every image

MIRA analyzes every photo and image within the appraisal

MIRA can automatically detect images that are blurry, came from a Multiple Listing Service, contain inappropriate content, contain people, display personally identifiable information, or are subject to ownership rights.

Smarter workflows

Stop wasting time

Searching reports

Live view of appraisal content alongside QC results

No more bouncing back and forth between screens or windows. Everything is organized on one screen, with an efficient user interface to guide reviewers to the right issues in the right sequence.

Maintaining rules

Custom QC rules invokable by loan, form type, and more

MIRA recognizes form and loan types and can run specific QC rules based on your or your client’s specific guidelines. Need to change a rule or modify a threshold? Update it once and never worry about change management process again.

Managing process

Automate routing based on the rules you already use

MIRA is multi-user by default, and can intelligently direct work to the right person based on autofailing or passing rules. It is intuitive, easy to learn, and automatically updates progress. It works the way your reviewers work; not the other way around.

Fully integrated

Switching is easy

Integrates with your existing LOS or AMS

Automatically pull in and leverage your historical records

Utilize your existing rules and customize them as needed

MIRA has been a game-changing asset to our review desk. We’ve seen faster turn times, reductions in underwriter revision requests, and ultra-responsive support since day one.

Brian Gehl, President
Consolidated Analytics

Now is the time to put machine intelligence to work for you.

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