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About Home Vision

Re-imagining home valuations
for the good of all

We exist to build a more equitable and stable housing market through accurate, efficient, and transparent valuations.

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A brief story

Every day, someone makes the biggest financial decision of their lifetime

and applies for a mortgage to buy or refinance their home

A lender races to verify information and approve the mortgage

ensuring everything is in compliance with ever-changing guidelines

Most of this happens instantly, but the appraisal can take weeks or longer

with such extreme competition, this can hurt buyers who rely on a mortgage

Appraisals aren’t easy, and require both data and experienced human insight

it takes a long time to learn everything that can affect a home's value, and plenty of data-only solutions have proven insufficient

But the processes and infrastructure haven’t scaled with demand

There’s no industry standard, and plenty of room for error and time loss with manual checklists and patchworked software

And on top of that, the industry is facing a number of other issues

Like demand strains, a shrinking population of appraisers, and racial bias and discrimination

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These issues are complex, systemic, and negatively impact everyone in the U.S. housing system. But we believe they can be fixed with diligence, technology, and a fresh perspective.
So we founded HomeVision.
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A diverse group of people calling lots of places home.

Specifically we’re

Mortgage and finance veterans,  technologists, and operations experts working side by side. You can find us all on LinkedIn.

Specifically where

Remote from cities like Buenos Aires, Denver, Lagos, Nashville, Minsk, Palo Alto, Rosario, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, and more.

And we're backed by
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Our approach

We think from first principles and seek the whole truth with qualitative and quantitative data. We believe in the powers of prioritization and kaizen. We value autonomy, humility, and curiosity in our teammates, and we act out of love and respect — for our customers, partners, team members, ourselves, and everyone else.

Come help us build the future of home valuations.

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